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Japan likes to keep the best products in the country. From its unique mobile phone system to various delicacies and daily necessities, it is different from other countries. Even though some products are sold overseas, their materials and quality are often slightly different from those in Japan due to the legal regulations and restrictions of each country.

Apart from the quality, the biggest difference between the Taiwanese version of Japanese products and those sold in Japan is probably the price. In order to introduce Japanese products to Taiwan, Taiwanese agents, in addition to redevelopment of ingredients and various inspections, also spend a lot of manpower and money on promotion and distribution. This also causes people to often feel that Taiwanese products are priced in Taiwan dollars when they are priced in Japanese currency, and the price jumps up three levels.

JIS aims to combine the e-commerce platform, traditional tourism shopping market and aviation advertising resources, and join hands with experienced tour guides and businessmen in Japan to create a wonderful scene of mutual benefit and co-prosperity; and provide tourists with better and more perfect destination tourism shopping services!

We are committed to providing the best travel shopping experience, as long as you provide your return ticket information for verification, and show the "ready to pick up" order notification when picking up the goods, we can deliver the goods you have purchased on your boarding Delivery to the designated airport location for you to pick up before departure.

We have the first-hand access to local Japanese merchants, and cooperate with experienced tour guides to select all kinds of popular Japanese products and provide them to you at the most cost-effective price. You no longer need to spend a lot of time on the road comparing back and forth in one store after another; no longer need to rush between different itineraries with large and small bags of goods.

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