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Kyocera Paring Knife

Kyocera Paring Knife

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Kyocera Paring Knife

1 stick/50g

Kyoci is a well-known daily necessities company in Japan. It has won many honors such as the Red Dot Design Award and the International Home Design Award. The ceramic knives it produces are characterized by no metal smell and no rust. Using Jingci ceramic knives to process food materials is light, effortless and does not damage the original flavor of food. It is also quite convenient for cleaning and maintenance. It is not easy to mold, hide dirt and residual odor. It can be said to be the first choice for kitchen knives.

Applicable ingredients: fruits and vegetables How to use: Peel off the peel, and the sides of the paring knife can remove the fruit stem or the damaged part of the food. Maintenance method: Please clean it with water or dishwashing liquid after use; soda cleaning blades

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