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Japan magnetic pain pain patch 145mT

Japan magnetic pain pain patch 145mT

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Japan magnetic pain pain patch 145mT

90 capsules per serving

After wiping off the sweat or dirt on the part to be pasted, remove the magnet paste on the backing paper.
Improve blood circulation at the sticking part, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness.

1. If there are wounds, eczema, etc. on the skin, please do not stick it.
2. If itching, tingling, redness, etc. occur after pasting, please tear off immediately.
3. Do not place it around magnetic objects, it will affect the magnetism of the product.
4. Please store in a ventilated, dry and cool place, avoid high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight.
5. Patients with implanted cardiac pacemakers should not use it.
6. If you have the following conditions, please consult your doctor before use: malignant tumor, heart disease, pregnancy or just after giving birth, diabetes, skin wound or infection, fever, bruises, etc.

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