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Shenxiantang Deep Sea Shark GOLD

Shenxiantang Deep Sea Shark GOLD

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Shenxiantang Deep Sea Shark GOLD

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Shenxiantang deep sea shark oil

On the 1,000-meter seabed without light and oxygen, there are deep-sea sharks born 400 million years ago. The shark's liver is extracted from the shark's liver. The main ingredients contain a large amount of squalene and high-purity unsaturated fatty acids, with a purity of 99%.
Ordinary fish oil is animal fat, while squalene is plant-based, an excellent nutritional and health product that is easily absorbed by the human body. Squalene is an indispensable and important element for human survival.
The function is to activate red blood cells, accelerate cell regeneration and tissue restoration, improve weak constitution, and gradually strengthen the body.

Efficacy: Enhance human immunity, promote endocrine coordination, help gastrointestinal absorption, increase blood nutrients, help the metabolism of brain cells, and have a good inhibitory effect on pseudomyopia.

It has a very good protective effect on the eyes of workers who use computers or students for a long time. When given to children, it can supplement part of the nutrients needed by the brain, and there is a significant improvement in learning.
It can even make children of the same age with poor reading ability improve by leaps and bounds. Long-term use is helpful for women's beauty and health care, and keeps girls youthful.
Enhance human immunity; supplement the nutrients needed by the human body; purify the blood impurities in the body; have good health care effects on preventing and reducing the three highs (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, etc.), and have medical effects on asthma and nasal allergies.

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