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Jianzhuang Ichiban Picking Sesame Seaweed Fragrant Pine

Jianzhuang Ichiban Picking Sesame Seaweed Fragrant Pine

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Jianzhuang Ichiban Picking Sesame Seaweed Fragrant Pine


In the same seaweed net, the seaweed harvested for the second time (二元加り) and the original algae left over from the first harvest will be harder than the first time when they overlap; the second harvest and the third The overlapping of the second harvest (三元切り) will gradually harden the seaweed after repeated repetitions, the taste will gradually deteriorate, and the market value will decrease accordingly. The same seaweed net will be harvested 7-10 times, and the later harvested, the harder the taste will be. Prototheca sprouts only accounted for 3% of the total production.
Since 40 years ago, Jianzhuang has insisted on using only 3% of Prototheca new buds, and then carefully selected 3% to make seaweed. "Ichibanzai" has thick meat, soft seafood, and fresh and sweet seafood, which makes people have endless aftertaste and a taste that melts in the mouth. The only one in Japan that uses the sprouts of "Ichibanzai" to make seaweed is Kensho.

The simple and refreshing flavor is the best combination pursued by Jianzhuang. When the pine and rice are mixed, the flavor of seaweed and sesame will change from strong to weak, so that people can taste the aroma of sesame, but it will not cover the deliciousness of seaweed. The heart of the recipe.

Both adults and children can satisfy the immediate cravings, and let people eat one after another. It is definitely the first choice for early adopters.

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