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Jianzhuang seaweed ingot

Jianzhuang seaweed ingot

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Jianzhuang seaweed ingot

240 spindles

Superfine powder seaweed ingot features:
1. Remarkable effect on improving constipation
2. Enhance natural immunity
3. Antioxidant improvement (vitamin ECB carotene
4. Lower cholesterol. Lipid-rich water-soluble dietary fiber

Japan Jianzhuang is the first in Japan to introduce ultra-high-speed jet milling technology equipment and high-temperature steam sterilization and drying equipment that are only used by pharmaceutical and biochemical technology factories. The flow speed of rotary milling is Mach 2.5 (twice the speed of sound). The cell size of Nori is about 20-30 microns. However, after the ultrafine powder technology breaks the cell wall, the nutrients coated in the cell wall are more easily absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract, and the intake of nutrients is more than before. If the important nutrients are blocked, the absorption will be slow. Especially the elderly and children absorb more slowly.
General coarse powder is about 300 microns, human hair is about 70 microns, wheat flour is about 80 microns, and ultrafine powder is only 16 microns, which is higher than general powder intake.

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