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KENNO Silver Magnet Magnetic Bracelet for Men/Women

KENNO Silver Magnet Magnetic Bracelet for Men/Women

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KENNO Silver Magnet Magnetic Bracelet for Men/Women


"The buckle is in the form of a butterfly buckle. After wearing it, fasten the buckle in the middle to complete the wearing.
The chain links of the hand necklace are detachable, and an additional supplementary chain is attached to adjust the wearing length according to the user's needs.

1. For users who are allergic to metal, please confirm with a dermatologist before use. If itching, redness, etc. occur after wearing, please take it off and seek medical attention.
2. Do not wear it under high temperature or extreme cold conditions, as it may cause burns or frostbite.
3. Do not wear it near high-voltage machinery and voltage lines.
4. Do not place on other metal.
5. Please do not wear the bracelet on the same wrist as the watch.
6. Please take it off before bathing. "

Made with Japan's cutting-edge technology, the magnetic force of the permanent magnet can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, and improve sleep quality. This product won the recommendation certificate of excellent products from Japan Far Infrared Application Research Association

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